Ningo Sima Stationery Co, ltd

Established in 2015, Sima is an independent, family-owned trading company with her own paper factory. We manufacture stationery, storage , paper crafts, kids crafts, journals etc. Being in Ningbo makes the No.1 biggest port in the world work best for any overseas shipment.

Being engaged in paper products for several years, we extend the business field to more categories such as kids items, journals, different types of writing pens etc. With the support of professional printing factories, lots of new designs, new material, new techniques can be achieved in an efficient way and apply to new development to win the market soon.

Excellence is our passion.

Each of our team is willing to serve customers, to win more marketing with his or her over 10-year rich experiences in the industry. Zero-gap communication makes everything easier. We know the best choice of the material, techniques to help our customers achieve their designs and save the cost.