This is Summer Zhao, currently I was a product manager working in NINGBO SIMA company with self-owned paper factory,moreover i am originator.

Always put my hearts to involve in paper stationery/kids craft export industry after university graduation,I loved these products,and it’s a part of my life with a small story to share with you .


In 2008,I joined in the biggest paper stationery company –Ningbo Cre8 Direct(the former name is Ningbo ChengLu),I deeply indulged in all products produced in house. I prefer to cost 2 hours per day to study in the factory. Produced the products along with workers; studied the technology with engineers; discussed the effective production lines with planner. By then, there are more than 800 workers, but mostly person I knew, and the factory manager always said ,”you will be the super engineer if you are not a sales”

“Yes, and may better than you” I replied.


#Hobby Lobby# 2008

The first craft customer I serviced, let me understand how interesting for additional paper products except the regular BTS products we saw in China.

#American Greeting# 2009

The biggest card customer I worked in my life. As all card hobbies knew, AG had the strictly color/quality/finishing requirements on each piece of card; the sales would not perform the perfect job if they did not have the mature skills/knowledge. I particularly grateful to Mr.Wong for his technique guidelines support, by then he was a product engineer and we’re fell in love because of AG.

In 2010,I was promoted the sales director to develop the Europe market, and successful grabbed the more customers for company,such as #Watermark(now is UK greeting) / REWE / LIDL / ROSSMAN / ALDI#

In 2011, I got married with Mr Wong who was promoted to Sourcing Director at the same time. Moreover I met with # Vera Bradley #, very famous fabric bag brand with a fabulous attractive design team in USA market. So lucky that i was appointed as the product manager to assist with VB team to develop the stationery products lines. The actual order amount was 2 million per year but I spent lots of time and energy, worth of 4-million orders to help VB with new developing. However I was very delighted and excited still, particularly when I visited the VB retailer stores in new york, mostly stationery products were came from my hands. I cried, not sad, it was my proud.

In 2013, I met with #Horizon# and #Melissa&doug#, they gave me a chance to learn how to manage the kids craft business. Open my mind to assist them to develop the amusing kids products, also supplemented the testing knowledge.

In 2014, the last year in Cred8 Direct, what a pity that I have to quit because of my angel. Meanwhile Mr wong was appointed to the factory manager, he has to support with Cred8 to be public doing his best. But I was highly appreciated with Cred8 who gave me the great learning platform in these more than 6 years.

In 2015, registered my own company –Ningbo SIMA.I could not give the original jobs up.

In 2016, assist with Debbie Lynn to do the production inspection and officially establish the Debbie Lynn Ningbo office in 2017. Our job is manage/develop all vendors in china, not only track the order progress and production inspection, but also solve the urgently problems to make sure the timely delivery date and good quality. I believed DL’s team worked much more easily and save them more times & money under our assistance.

The end of 2018, we decided to stick to operating owner export business and Mr Wong left from Cred8. We will give more valuable to the customers who supported & trusted with us.

Therefore, feel free to PM or send me the email to [email protected] if you need source the paper stationery /kids craft/children’s products, also we’re able to supply the design supports. Even if you may happy with your currently vendors, I am willing to be your supplements, after all it’s not an affair,right?!


Lastly, I am a travel enthusiast; feel free to ask the travel itinerary when you will visit in china.

Have a good day!